NZ hasn’t won the America’s Cup back…YET (a great word to use)

I’m so pleased at this moment in time to see the New Zealand team challenging for the America’s Cup!

From Team NZ UAE website

I lived in Auckland from 1999 – 2007, so saw Team New Zealand defend against the Prada (Italy) Challenger in 2000 and then lose completely to Alhinghi (Switzerland) in 2003.  It was so sad! The NZ boats in 2003 were not as fast, simple as that, so complete loss. I remember the commentary –

1. Now that top sailors (like Russell Coutts) can join another national team, NZ will probably never win again since best will go get more $$ elsewhere

2. We thought our NZ challenger team was great but guess not.

etc, etc.

The temptation after a loss to conclude “I am not good enough, we are not good enough, I’m a loser, this proves they are better than me” is huge.  But imagine after every loss/unexpected outcome, if you said to yourself:  I am not there YET. I haven’t achieved my goal YET.  I am not the best YET.

Here is what Carol Dweck, leading professor/researcher has to say about the word YET which got me thinking.

I wonder if that is what Dean Barker, Grant Dalton and co. said to themselves back in 2003.

This can be applied not just to learning but to any goal you have. Adding that word gives you room for action and for hope. It jolts me out of any wallowing and discouragement and gets me back into action and focusing on what I want to accomplish.

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