Here are the costumes my girls had for Halloween this year! A big bag of Jelly Bellies, and a Toy Chica – from the online game Five Nights at Freddy’s 2…(This one seemed much easier to make than others like Foxy! Went with good old paper mache on a giant balloon…)

The girls were so happy. Jelly Bellies got tons of admiring stares and compliments. While Toy Chica didn’t get so many, it was pretty impressive even to those who had no idea what it was, and …those ‘in the know’, meaning kids who play 5 Nights at Freddy’s, loved it! One college student even asked to take a selfie with Toy Chica!

Toy Chica (from Five Nights at Freddy's computer game)
Toy Chica (from Five Nights at Freddy’s computer game)

We had a good, interactive time on the costumes – it made Halloween somehow more satisfying than buying them. I know a lot of parents can’t stand this kind of project, but I love them! That’s probably why I love the Makerspace idea, took the family up to the big Maker Faire in San Mateo a couple of years ago….It doesn’t feel like work, and I’d rather do craft/jerry rigging costumesĀ than clean the living room or make dinner…

If I ever get around to making a costume for myself, I want to make a massive Totoro costume that glows, with the big toothy grin.

something like this one

Or just a simple cupcake car; love those

from Pinterest board
from Pinterest board

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