At School/Formal Education

  1. Questions from MLTS
  2. Genius Hour? 20% time? Project-based learning?
  3. Go to school and propose PBL, 20% time…
  4. Go to teacher and ask how you can help

Engage your child and see if they want to ‘hack their education’


Talk to your kids. HOW CAN YOU MAKE THIS YOURS? More fun? More interesting? How can you own it? The goals are to develop your ideation skills, get used to creating/impacting the world around you, question but work with authority.

What do YOU want out of school this quarter/year?

Ask your student what they want! what they want to learn. what their dreams are. what they want to see in terms of progress.

Hack your education if you already know what you want to do…

A friend of mine has a daughter who knew she was aiming for a Biology major at a UC school (University of California). She hacked her high school education to a) make sure she had what the UC needed but b) wasn’t overwhelmed with schoolwork or wasting a lot of time on unnecessary (to her) work.

She carefully studied what the UC cared about, even went to visit their admissions dept and talked with them directly.
She hacked her education by doing things like:

a) 6 months of independent study specifically  for the AP English Exam Freshman year – she took it, passed with high marks, got it out of the way

b) she decided NOT to get the high school diploma, but to get the GED instead!! This let her out of a bunch of requirements, freeing up time for other work. And the college DID NOT CARE if she had a GED or a high school diploma – she met their AP/Grades/college track requirements. Who knew?

PS: She was home schooled through junior high, probably the only reason she had the critical thinking, outside-the-box ideas, and English skills to do this, I’m just sayin’…

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