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Stop telling me to be Grateful

I’m afraid that being grateful doesn’t cut it for me when I’m in a bad mood, silently seething or persistently dissatisfied. I wish it did! Tell me to “focus on what I’m grateful for” when I’m pissed off, and I’ll … Continue reading

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Chaotic, complete mess mornings

It’s hard to stop the chaos train, once it pulls out of the station. Bad sleep because coughing hurts and I wake myself up every hour or so, coughing. Daughter 2 wants to cook sausages at 7:53 am, and we … Continue reading

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Lecture – a medieval technique that’s out of date

Lecture:  A medieval word which comes from the Latin for “a reading”. Monks would read a precious manuscript aloud so everyone else could copy it down. A transfer of knowledge “at scale” using the best technology at the time. 1375-1425; late … Continue reading

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If I was rich (in money). and failure.

I’m happy and blessed in so many ways – I love the vast majority of work I do, have a lot of the 21st century skills that apparently are critical to being valuable at work, love my husband, have pretty … Continue reading

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Forget the signal to noise ratio. Signals themselves are a problem now.

The problem is no longer the signal to noise ratio- it’s too much signal. What can you do? Continue reading

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Software Trials – learning enough to buy…but not too much.

How do you get a prospect to experience enough during their trial to be confident it will solve their problem, but not get bogged down in details? If you’re the salesperson responsible for building trust and progressing the sale with prospects once they’re trialing, here’s a simple way to look at it. Continue reading

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What IS “Critical Thinking” anyway?

One of the important skills for the future, which all kids need to develop (according to a growing number of researchers and forecasters), is ‘critical thinking/problem solving.’ But what is critical thinking, and how do you learn it? Critical Thinking is… crit·i·cal … Continue reading

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