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Stop telling me to be Grateful

I’m afraid that being grateful doesn’t cut it for me when I’m in a bad mood, silently seething or persistently dissatisfied. I wish it did! Tell me to “focus on what I’m grateful for” when I’m pissed off, and I’ll … Continue reading

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Chaotic, complete mess mornings

It’s hard to stop the chaos train, once it pulls out of the station. Bad sleep because coughing hurts and I wake myself up every hour or so, coughing. Daughter 2 wants to cook sausages at 7:53 am, and we … Continue reading

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If I was rich (in money). and failure.

I’m happy and blessed in so many ways – I love the vast majority of work I do, have a lot of the 21st century skills that apparently are critical to being valuable at work, love my husband, have pretty … Continue reading

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Forget the signal to noise ratio. Signals themselves are a problem now.

The problem is no longer the signal to noise ratio- it’s too much signal. What can you do? Continue reading

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Does your kid do anything that matters?

While reading a book on parenting and homeschooling by Teri Moore a while back, this passage hit me hard: In America, our children are the most important part of our lives, and we tell them so, but we don’t actually let them … Continue reading

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SuperSoul Session 2…thank you, Oprah.

Saturday I went to Oprah’s SuperSoul Session #2 in Los Angeles – a day spent listening to various speakers. I left thinking, “That was cool, useful, entertaining…” but I’d expected to be BLOWN AWAY and “breakthrough-inspired.” I didn’t feel blown away … Continue reading

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Device time for my kids…and for me

As a parent of elementary and middle schoolers, the device conundrum is hitting home! I think we’re too lax, and writing this out as a way to figure it out. I think the best place to start is on myself. … Continue reading

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