Stop telling me to be Grateful

I’m afraid that being grateful doesn’t cut it for me when I’m in a bad mood, silently seething or persistently dissatisfied. I wish it did! Tell me to “focus on what I’m grateful for” when I’m pissed off, and I’ll roll my eyes, and think, ‘yeah, yeah whatever. I’m grateful for the sunshine. my kids.Continue reading “Stop telling me to be Grateful”

Does your kid do anything that matters?

While reading a book on parenting and homeschooling by Teri Moore a while back, this passage hit me hard: In America, our children are the most important part of our lives, and we tell them so, but we don’t actually let them be important(emphasis added). WHAAAAT? of course not!  But reading on, it makes more and moreContinue reading “Does your kid do anything that matters?”

SuperSoul Session 2…thank you, Oprah.

Saturday I went to Oprah’s SuperSoul Session #2 in Los Angeles – a day spent listening to various speakers. I left thinking, “That was cool, useful, entertaining…” but I’d expected to be BLOWN AWAY and “breakthrough-inspired.” I didn’t feel blown away though, at least not by anyone other than Oprah herself. (She is amazing in aContinue reading “SuperSoul Session 2…thank you, Oprah.”

Device time for my kids…and for me

As a parent of elementary and middle schoolers, the device conundrum is hitting home! I think we’re too lax, and writing this out as a way to figure it out. I think the best place to start is on myself.  Monkey See, Monkey, Do, after all. Thoughts on screen time for grownups. I was goingContinue reading “Device time for my kids…and for me”

NZ hasn’t won the America’s Cup back…YET (a great word to use)

I’m so pleased at this moment in time to see the New Zealand team challenging for the America’s Cup! I lived in Auckland from 1999 – 2007, so saw Team New Zealand defend against the Prada (Italy) Challenger in 2000 and then lose completely to Alhinghi (Switzerland) in 2003.  It was so sad! The NZContinue reading “NZ hasn’t won the America’s Cup back…YET (a great word to use)”