At Home/On Your Own

Ideas for building future critical skills

  1. 20 questions. Critical thinking = builds the muscle of asking good questions! thinking logically, strategically. Kids start learn to start broad and narrow down (at first they ask, is it alive? Is it a dog? Is it a flower?   Then they learn more sophisticated  is it alive? is it an animal? does it have four legs? Can it fly? Can you find  it in a zoo?
  2. Notice & Wonder – see post here..
  3. Projects – build a catapult, make a garden, create a video game, Chopped contest with friends, mega sandcastle, science exploration, map out your dream house, anything…
  4. Proposals. make your kids write out what they want. See here.
  5. Business. if siblings, friends…business.lemonade, dog walking. Chalene Johnson..
  6. Embrace their interests!
  7. TELL THEM about this. Watch this video. Then ask about school/activities – where do you get practice on collaboration? problem solving?
  8. Hack School.  Make every project or assignment your own.
homemade halloween
Project-based learning – make your own Halloween Costume (idea, research, materials, creation, problem solving, and the sweet smell of success)



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