“1.0 Schools cannot teach 3.0 Kids”

Found a Tedx by John Moravec, all about the future of work, learning. Worth a watch!  The best quote:

1.0 Schools cannot teach 3.0 Kids.

Love what he’s doing to help schools adjust to the digital age, and Cognitive Era…

Here are some notes on his talk:

1.0 Old World: we took data, turned into information, hierarchical structures, specific roles: your job was your work, and what you had to do was pretty clear.  Education system was set up to prepare people for these pre-designed jobs,  There was value, but we can do better.

2.0 World: knowledge society – taking information and transforming it into “personal knowledge” which has two forms:

  • explicit = reading book
  • tacit = learning by doing, experiencing

Idea of a career has changed: we have many jobs, float among many careers. Innovation is valuable. Knowledge is no longer constrained or organized by organizational structures.

3.0 World: Change happening so fast (hard to say ‘A caused B which caused C’ and then execute solution.) Knowledge centered, innovation centered workers = Knowmads. Individuals are no longer going to be tied to one company, or working one job. They collaborate, share, learn, unlearn, adapt, thrive in non hierarchial environments and not afraid of failure.

Idea of a career is depreciated concept! We all will be evolving our work as individuals. Jobs and “work” are different – Job is a gig,

Schools need to change. “1.0 Schools cannot teach 3.0 kids.”  Move to a social process, contextually reinvented, technology. Not hierarchical.  Teaching now is not just teacher to student, but student to teacher, we can all co-teach each other. Learning experiences can happen ANYWHERE.

Speaking of learning anywhere – my daughter did a science project and researched chocolate! On top of research she did online, we visited Chocolate Maya, a wonderful chocolate shop, and met Maya the owner and chocolatier. Maya showed my daughter videos, gave her a dried cocoa pod and beans!

Maya showing what cacao pods look like, how they are dried, etc.
Maya showing what cacao pods look like, how they are dried, etc.

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